Positioning Staffing Businesses on a Runway for Growth

Expert M&A Advisory for the Staffing & Recruiting Sector

Niche expertise from industry experts

The SVC Advantage

Vast and Diverse Network of Staffing Businesses

Through numerous successful transactions and commitment to quality service for the staffing and recruiting industry, we have amassed a wide network of companies, investors, and key players in the space. Our close ties in the industry allow us to provide our clients with the most lucrative deals possible.

Sole Focus and Niche Expertise

M&A deals look different in every industry. By focusing solely on the staffing and recruiting niche, we are able to provide clients with expert advisory which takes into account the nuances and best practices that are unique to this particular field of business.

Commitment to Fast Turnaround

We believe that time kills deals, thus our dedication to maintaining continuous deal flow momentum. Our M&A advisors and support team are always responsive, quick in creating business collaterals and marketing clients, and apply progressive M&A practices in an effort to avoid deal fatigue.

Our Investment Criteria Snapshot

$3M - $50M in Annual Revenue
$300K - $4M in EBITDA
Track record of consistent revenues, growth and profitability

Unwavering Commitment to Opportune Transactions

SVC is dedicated to creating favorable, profitable, and ethical deal outcomes for all parties involved.



We are devoted to helping our buyers find acquisition targets that fit their investment criteria. From sourcing targets, acquisition appraisal, due diligence support, negotiations, and closing, SVC’s buy-side advisory services assist clients through every step of the purchase process. Our wide network of staffing businesses allows us to connect buyers with potential acquisitions even if they are not actively looking to sell.


SVC remains sensitive to the legacy of our seller clients even upon exit. We appeal to strategic buyers that offer lucrative valuations and match each seller’s vision and culture while meeting selling requirements. Our sell-side advisory services include business collaterals, scoping and evaluating buyers, due diligence support, negotiations, and closing. With leaders with vast experience in the staffing industry, we ensure utmost discretion and discernment towards our sell-side clients.